Introducing Jane Waithera, our team co-leader on the climb.

A fierce advocate, activist and role model, Jane Waithera is the Malala of people with albinism. Her unique, larger-than- life personality and her achievements as a community worker and spokesperson for people with albinism make Jane the perfect team leader. Her story of being abandoned by her mother as a child due to her genetic disorder is very powerful, emotional and inspirational. She will be the face of this campaign.

“The climb will give me and my sisters with albinism a platform to amplify our voices from Africa’s highest peak and challenge the stigma associated with albinism. We will be speaking not just for ourselves but also for the future generations of people with albinism, so that they may be given equal opportunities, dignity and respect. I see myself opening limitless doors to people with albinism in Africa

Simply by being women with albinism living in Africa, we have climbed mountains before. Now we are conquering Mount Kilimanjaro to draw the world’s attention to the challenges we face every day.”

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